Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Completely Forgot About This Blog

So I kinda forgot this blog existed, I got so sidetracked by Falling Down (my on-hiatus game project) and then the new album came up (Clash EX - New Generation of Heroes) and then I started dating again (gurlz) and then I forgot that I had a blog set up where I talked about nu-metal foodz. And thats what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna bring this blog back to where it started: food that all you EXTREME TEENS FROM 2001 EAT! HURRR

THIS IS THE REAL MOTHERFUCKIN DEAL Y'ALL! Mostly because today for the first time I tried a slice of the new 7-11 pizza! FUCKING AMAZING! This week I'm going to be doing dailies on the gloriousness that is 7-11, show up with a cup full of quarters and a dream and you will leave with a full belly, I fucking love 7-11. Anyways, that starts tommorow, until then, gonna go poop my brains out. UH HUHHHHHHHH


1 comment:

lisey-mop said...

LOL kail has a blog. can you say blog buddies??? aha ur gaaaaaayy. gaaaaaaaaayyy!!!

i miss u D: