Friday, January 30, 2009

How to Become an Internet Musician - Part 1: Starting Out

Since the whole "nu-metal lifestyle" joke got old a couple months ago, I decided to make good use of this blog and put together a tutorial on how to become an internet musician for people who don't know how. So with that, let's get started!

Alright so they finally found a good use of the internet beyond pornography and finding people that have the same name as you! We're gonna use the internet to market our music! No matter what kind of music you make, there is a demographic for it on the internet, same thing with pornography, so this blog works for porn too, just replace the word music with pornography and you'll have yourself a great step by step guide to becoming an adult entertainer!

First off, do you have a band or are you yourself doing everything entirely? The internet can do nothing for you unless you give it something to distribute to the people! So before you sit down to your computer and sign up for PayPal so you can start getting money, let's make some music!

Ok now that you have your music and everything situated, whether you have a full band or it's just you and an instrument (or even your computer), we can get started.

I'm gonna outline all the different steps, and in the coming weeks I'll elaborate on each one.

1. Style and Music - DONE! You did that on your own, great job!
2. Finding your core demographic - The internet will only get you the 12 to 34 crowd, sorry, if you make oldey time music like the Soggy Bottom Boys then you'll have a harder time than someone making Fall Out Boy style music.
3. Myspace - You definitely need a myspace, a website will help, but not having a myspace will destroy you
4. Promoting Your Stuff - Get out there, make some friends on myspace, talk on message boards that are full of people who like the genre of music you connect with, get in the chat rooms.
5. Youtube - Right now youtube is the biggest thing because it's convenient and viral, if something good shows up on youtube you damn well know everyone will see it.
6. Album Production - Got enough people interested? Great! Let's get started on making an album!
7. Distribution Methods - There are several great distribution methods on the internet, whether it be physical (CDs and stuff), digital service (iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, etc), or direct download (straight from your website).
8. The Real World - Shifting your music from the internet to the real world, live shows, albums in stores, and TV and Radio stuff

Along the way I'll post different posts talking about other topics, but those are the basics. I'll try to keep it routine like once every couple days, or once a week at most.

See ya next time!