Saturday, September 27, 2008

Corn Dogs! Holy fucking god

I fucking LOVE corn dogs, forget fucking hot dogs, last week after I got my paycheck I ran to shop rite and got me some corn dogs and I said "shit son"

Fucking DELIGHTFUL thats what they are

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hot Dogs

I fucking love hot dogs. Today I made myself a dog and it fucking split at the ends, I fucking hate when hot dogs do that, it looks so fucking nasty. But I sucked it up like a man and I enjoyed it. Fucking pussy ass dudes wont eat hot dogs because they think it looks gay, that shits fucked up, buncha pussies. I'm so fucking tough that I'll walk around in a fucking gay ass pink rainbow shirt. Thats how fucking TOUGH I am. MOUNTAIN FUCKING DEW!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gotta Have My Pops

Yo. If there's one food I fucking love, it's cereal. If there's one cereal that's fucking EXTREME, it's Corn Pops. I mean c'mon, I gotta have my Pops. Look at that shit. It's so fucking EXTREME and so fucking nu-metal, I feel like Fred Durst himself be eatin' that shit the whole time they recorded Chocolate Starfish. Damn son, best fucking cereal ever. If you wanna be nu-metal and extreme like me, then you gotta eat your corn pops.

I even recorded a neat little video of myself enjoying corn pops and being fucking extreme while watching digiman. Check check it yo.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

MOVIE NEWS: Lord Piccolo REVEALED in Dragonball Movie!

Alright now what the fuck is this shit? Fuck, that looks NOTHING like Piccolo! Are they shitting me? I'll be fucking pissed if that actually is Piccolo because I am a HUGE Dragonball fan and I thought this movie had potential at first, but not any more. This lost me. They could've ATLEAST made him GREEN! That would've been passable! Infact...

This is 2 minutes in photoshop. How much better is that? Now the green isn't exactly right, but that looks a LOT better than the shit they had before. Now that's just rascist, they made a green namekian WHITE just to sell the picture to white folk. Shit pisses me off.

Mountain FUCKING Dew

Nothing's more fucking in your face and extreme then my favorite of all sodas...

Mountain Dew Code Red. It's the most Nu-Metal soda in existence. Nothings more extreme than flavored Mountain Dew. When my next album comes out and I'm a big time nu-metal musician, bringin' 2001 back ofcourse, best fucking year for music ever, I'm gonna be gettin' all sorts of endorsement deals, because nothing's more nu-metal than sponsors, and I'm hoping Mountain Dew will be one of them! Fucking EXTREME!

Welcome to Alone I Bake!!

Yo. I'm Kail, and I'll be guiding you through the most extreme foods you can eat. Do you like to eat? Do you hate cooking? Think it's too much work? Would you rather lay around and lunge at people, talk to girls, and listen to bands like Korn, Limp Bizkit, Saliva, P.O.D., Staind, and Slipknot? Then you've come to the right place, brother!
Here I'll be posting the best food for you to make easy and fast with little to no effort, so you can spend your slacker time wisely! Word up.