Monday, November 10, 2008

RANT: Why Does Fox Want Dragonball to Fail So Bad?!

Alright like I've been following the upcoming Dragonball movie for the past year, and every piece of news seems to make the movie look incredibly silly. The promo pics were pretty alright, and the trailer wasn't bad, but honestly, everything that leaks makes this movie look incredibly silly and not cool in the least, maybe it's just what's being leaked and they way the leaks are being presented, or maybe Fox just doesn't want to make money, either way it's gonna end badly.

Take the above image for instance, that's Goku's great ape form. How silly is that! But wait... that's what's being PERCEIVED as Goku's great ape form! Fox didn't say that that actually WAS the form, but we do know it's legit because they made several sites remove it. My guess is that that's the form mid transformation because it doesn't look finished in the least to me.

I think this movie has a chance of being pretty good, but from what's being leaked I can't say for sure, King Yemma's gonna be doing a lot of filing the day this movie comes out if it sucks because I see a LOT of fans killing themselves and each other.

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