Friday, October 3, 2008

Dragon Ball Z Movies - Lord Slug

As you may know, I'm a die hard DBZ fan, it runs in the family. My brother, my sister, my nephews and neice, my cousins, we all love Dragon Ball Z, and I for one, love the movies more than the series. The movies were usually 45 minutes long each and usually had no connection to the series, or they had some connection and then something had to throw it off so that it didn't connect at all. So the other day my brother got the Tree of Might/Lord Slug Double Feature DVD and it made me remember just how fucking awesome Lord Slug was. First off, this was FUNimation's first shot at dubbing a DBZ movie, they didn't do the original first three, so they did this and they made it like an actual movie. They licensed actual music by great nu-metal bands like Breaking Point and Disturbed and threw in the songs where they fit and it was awesome.
Might I add this movie was released in the best year of all time 2001, only one bad thing happened in 2001 and though we're still suffering from the consequences of 9/11, we also still have the fond memories of nu-metal and great Dragon Ball Z movies!

Honestly, if you wanna feel nu-metal, you gotta not like anime but LOVE Dragon Ball Z because there is nothing more nu-metal than Dragon Ball Z.

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